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A message from our Corporate Director of Safety and Risk:

“CMC’s mission regarding safety is to constantly challenge ourselves to be more productive and innovative while maintaining a safe working environment, all of which helps to train employees in a way that’s personal, relevant to their needs and work experience. CMC’s culture supported the development of innovative ways enhances our safety program like our convenient onsite training rather than in an off-site classroom which is extremely positive. CMC’s treatment of injured employees is extremely personal and shows the employees that we are serious about safety and their well being. Another initiative, which I organize, is a training “exchange” with safety directors of other companies . That exchange, as well as SMACNA’s safety program publications and its access to experts across the country, are great resources for CMC’s safety efforts.”

At CMC Sheet Metal, the personal safety and health of each employee is of primary importance. Our goal is to provide safe environments for all employees and foster a culture that results in a zero-accident/incident setting. Every decision we make focuses on advancing people and building long-lasting relationships with customers and employees. We cannot do that without protecting what we value most: the people who make our business possible.


We believe accidents are preventable and that a culture of continuous improvement and respect for people will help us achieve an injury-free workplace. Safety is our first core value as a company and what we stand for. CMC requires employees to comply with all applicable OSHA regulations and safety requirements.  Our emphasis is on safety, which is the essential function of every job.


We are proud of our safety records, our prevention program, and our employees who work effectively to maintain both. Working together, we can achieve an injury-free workplace. In support of these goals, we will continue safe working conditions while keeping proper training and resources.


CMC’s employees are equipped with our Company Safety Manual and safety training that outlines the requirements for a safe work environment:


  • All union employees are equipped with an OSHA 30 card and receive training in safe work methods.

  • Weekly safety and precautionary toolbox talks take place on job sites.

  • Every installation project has a responsible, Competent Person assigned.

  • Pre-mobilization meetings, which outline all safety hazards and examine possible engineering controls to mitigate risk.



  • 2023: TBA (no incidents as of Nov 1, 2023)

  • 2022: 0.78

  • 2021: 0.81

  • 2020: 0.98


The Superintendent, Safety Director, Field Supervisors, and Project Managers all play a vital role in the implementation and maintenance of an effective safety program.

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